Retroperitoneal sarcomas are rare diseases for which the current standard treatment is surgery.

STREXIT2 project

STREXIT2 is proposed to complement the ongoing phase III EORTC clinical trial STRASS2 investigating the added value of neoadjuvant chemotherapy before surgery for high-risk retroperitoneal sarcoma and to add an observational study STREXIT2 that will capture real world data from patients not participating to STRASS2.

About retroperitoneal sarcomas

Retroperitoneal sarcomas are rare diseases refractory to treatment with poor prognosis.
Surgery the current standard approach to primary disease. We are proposing an innovative pragmatic approach supplementing a standard phase III clinical trial with an observational cohort.

Economic Evaluation

We will perform health economics analysis assessing the economic value of different treatment scenarios based on STRASS2 and STREXIT2. If successful, the outcomes of the project will define a new evidence-based standard of care for high-risk retroperitoneal sarcomas.

About Strexit 2

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary and multistakeholder consortium involving clinical oncologists, surgeons, health economists and patient representatives. The study design was successfully discussed with patients. This action is part of the Cancer Mission cluster of projects on ‘Diagnosis and treatment’.

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